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Benefits of Quitting Smoking

No matter how long you have been smoking, it is the best thing to stop smoking right now. Better late than never – that is what actually applies in the case of quitting smoking. Regardless of what age you are, what sex you are, or for how long you have been under this habit, quitting smoking is always the right thing to do. There are many people who have developed serious conditions due to smoking like heart diseases. Even such people can benefit to a large extent by quitting smoking completely.(Read more about Time Line of stopping smoking)


Have you ever given a serious though to how much you can actually benefit by quitting smoking? Let us list down some important ones:

1. Reduces your chances of illness and premature death – quite an important and vital benefit. The other diseases you could avoid include:

- a stroke

- emphysema and other lung diseases

- cancer of throat, lungs, gums, kidney, mouth and bladder

- heart disease and hardening of arteries

- gangrene and other circulation problems

2. Saves you a lot of money that actually go out in those puffs.

3. Reduces the cost of cleaning around in your house.

4. Brings back the taste bud alive and you are actually able to taste food properly.

5. You feel proud of your achievement and congratulate yourself. Your confidence level is also high.

6. You feel it easier to exercise now.

7. You feel a peek in your energy levels. You have now more vigor to do things that you have always wanted to do.

8. Quitting smoking will help you to keep away from old age diseases like:

- Cataracts

- Macular degeneration

- Wrinkles at early age

- Brittle bones

- Yellow teeth and bad breath

9. If you are planning on reproduction, quitting smoking will help you avoid:

- impotence

- having difficulty getting pregnant

- premature births

- miscarriages

- babies with low birth weights

10.If you have children, quitting smoking on your part could actually stop them from becoming smokers one day. Also you can save them from:

- cot death or sudden infant death syndrome

- ear infections

- allergies

- asthma

- bronchitis

- Other lung diseases.

11.Your children and loved ones will feel good about you and no longer shy away.

12.You get in total control over your life – not your cigarettes.

It is proved beyond doubt that quitting smoking helps for all ages of people. If you quit before 35, you are as good as a non-smoker and if you quit before 50, your risk of dying in the next 15 years is reduced by half as compared to chain smokers. Remember – quitting at any age not only increases the days you will live here, but also the quality of life you will lead while you are here with us!

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