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Everyone knows that smoking is a bad habit. But few are able to overcome the urge to smoke once he or she adopts the habit. Unconsciously, they try to justify this habit in their own minds and tell themselves that there is nothing wrong in smoking. The usual self-justification is that it gives a lot of mental satisfaction and comfort to oneself. Even though the smoker knows that smoking is bad for health, the smoker does not quit it for several reasons:

1. The smoker thinks that he or she can quit smoking anytime they want before contracting cancer or any other ill effects of smoking.

2. The smoker is of the opinion that he or she has no family history of having cancer and there is absolutely no chance of having the disease[...]

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benefits of stop smoking

No matter how long you have been smoking, it is the best thing to stop smoking right now. Better late than never – that is what actually applies in the case of quitting smoking. Regardless of what age you are, what sex you are, or for how long you have been under this habit, quitting smoking is always the right thing to do. There are many people who have developed serious conditions due to smoking like heart diseases. Even such people can benefit to a large extent by quitting smoking completely.

Have you ever given a serious though to how much you can actually benefit by quitting smoking? Let us list down some important ones:

1. Reduces your chances of illness and premature death – quite an important and vital benefit. The other diseases you could avoid include:[...]

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If you are thinking of quitting smoking, there are several reasons to do so. Your fingernails will not be stained with nicotine anymore. If it is already stained with nicotine, it disappears in course of time if you stop smoking. Likewise, the yellow color on the skin also disappears when you do away with smoking. The fingernail polish could not help you in hiding it. By quitting smoking, your teeth will not be stained any more. You also avoid getting gum diseases for the same reason. The fine lines developing around your mouth, which make you look older than what you really are, will not be there. Above all, you do not run the risk of having cancer any more. Moreover, your innocent loved ones who are around you while smoking cease to be passive smokers. Their risk of contracting the dreaded disease is also eliminated[...]

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time table

It is a wrong notion amongst many that if you have been smoking for many years, stopping smoking will not help you any more. In fact, even keeping away from smoking for even a brief period could do real wonders for your health! This is evident from the fact that if a person stops smoking after having a heart attack, they reduce the chances of having another attack by nearly 50% as compared to those who continue smoking.

Slowly paving your way out of your nicotine ways will help you to get back your lost health and live a better and healthier life. You can observe these changes in your own body once you stop smoking – even for a very brief period[...]

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