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Quit Smoking can save your money and make you rich!

If you are thinking of quitting smoking, there are several reasons to do so. Your fingernails will not be stained with nicotine anymore. If it is already stained with nicotine, it disappears in course of time if you stop smoking. Likewise, the yellow color on the skin also disappears when you do away with smoking. The fingernail polish could not help you in hiding it. By quitting smoking, your teeth will not be stained any more. You also avoid getting gum diseases for the same reason. The fine lines developing around your mouth, which make you look older than what you really are, will not be there. Above all, you do not run the risk of having cancer any more. Moreover, your innocent loved ones who are around you while smoking cease to be passive smokers. Their risk of contracting the dreaded disease is also eliminated.

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There is yet another good reason to stop smoking. You can get rich by quitting this bad habit! How is it?

How do you save money by stopping smoking?

1.Let us assume you smoke one pack of cigarettes a day. The cost the cigarette and trip to the store costs a minimum of $5. The annual cost of cigarettes for you is $1,825 or $152 per month on the average, assuming that you do not increase the cigarette consumption during the year. If you invest this saved money annually into an investment savings account bearing an annual return of 6%, after 30 years it grows into $66,621. If you are a heavy smoker now and buy two packs a day, when you quit smoking your annual savings is $3,650. An investment of this amount annually brings back a whopping $133,241 at the end of 30 years.

2.A non-smoker has to pay a lesser premium for life insurance than a smoker. The insurance companies charge $1,000 more for smokers when compared to non-smokers.

3.For health insurance too, the annual payment for smokers is more by about $350 than a non-smoker.

4.When you go for a home insurance policy the insurer also asks you whether you are a smoker. If the answer is affirmative the premium you are charged is about $60 more than that for a non-smoker. The insurer has to cover for the risk of home fires caused by negligent smoking.

5.If you are a smoker your annual car insurance also goes up by about $50 annually. This is because the behavior of smoker while driving tends to lead to accidents.

6.The resale value of your home and car goes down if you are a smoker. A smoker’s home often needs thorough cleaning. It costs money to the realtor. Additionally, the home requires repainting to get rid of the smell of the smoke. The painting alone costs to the seller anything up to $2000. A second hand car offered by a smoker also needs thorough cleaning and the smell has to be gotten rid of. The smell of smoke even drives away the prospective buyers.

7.A smoker has to spend more money on teeth cleaning and dry cleaning. Moreover, these are to be done more frequently. If you quit smoking you can save a lot of money on these counts.

8.Another big risk you are running is that your chances of getting a new job are reduced. Many companies do not hire smokers. There are cases of employees getting fired in some companies when he or she is tested positive in a breath analysis for smoking. Some companies are even levying a monthly $80 if spouses of employees cannot come clean in a smoking test.

Now you can calculate yourself the amount of money you save by quitting smoking. With the money saved, you can buy a nice home for you and your family. A new car of your choice can be bought and you can spend your holidays with your loved ones annually at any place you can imagine. You not only save your own health, but also that of the members of your family. If a good part of the money saved is invested wisely, it grows to much more than what is saved on a pack of cigarette a day. It also takes care of you and your spouse at the old age. What you save by way of your good health and longevity cannot be expressed in terms of money. Quit smoking now. Smoking only makes your life miserable and shorter. Do not have a painful end.

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