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Time Line of stopping smoking

It is a wrong notion amongst many that if you have been smoking for many years, stopping smoking will not help you any more. In fact, even keeping away from smoking for even a brief period could do real wonders for your health! This is evident from the fact that if a person stops smoking after having a heart attack, they reduce the chances of having another attack by nearly 50% as compared to those who continue smoking.

Slowly paving your way out of your nicotine ways will help you to get back your lost health and live a better and healthier life. You can observe these changes in your own body once you stop smoking – even for a very brief period.


Let us have a look at how stopping smoking for a certain period can help you by observing the clinical results for the same:

* Quitting smoking for 20 minutes will bring back to normalcy all your vital health measures like your blood pressure and temperature of your hands and feet.

* Over next 8 hours, you can feel a drop in your body’s nicotine levels to almost 6%.

* Over next 12 hours, you will start feeling even better with increase in your oxygen levels and a fall in your carbon monoxide levels.

* Over next 24 hours, you will feel your anxiety levels peak.

* Over next 72 hours, you will have signs of nicotine withdrawal like anger, anxiety, and difficulty in concentrating, restlessness, depression, impatience and insomnia. At the same time, you can also see good signs like:

- Your lung bronchial tubes that lead to the air sacs will begin to ease out

- It will become easier for you to breathe

- Your lung functions are becoming better and better each day.

* Though you still get the pangs recurring till 8-10 days after you start, within a matter of two weeks.

* After three weeks there are quite considerable health improvements like:

- down count of your brain’s acetylcholine receptor

- normalcy of receptor binding levels

- better blood circulation in your teeth and gums

- reduction in your risk levels of a heart attack

- disappearance of chronic coughing

* Within a period of 1 to 9 months after quitting smoking, cilia starts to re-grow in your lungs which increases the functioning of lungs and reduces occurrence of infections in the body. There is also an associated peak in the body’s energy levels. All signs of fatigue and congestion related to smoking are now not visible.

* After a period of 1 year, your chances of having a coronary heart disease are nearly half of that for a chain smoker.

* After 10 years, your chances of having cancer fall by considerable levels.

* By the next 5 to 15 years, your risk of stroke is down to that of a non-smoker. In short, you are back to your old good health. In fact, after abstaining from smoking for 15 years, you will have undone most of the damages caused to your body by nicotine and you can be really proud of your achievement.

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