quit smoking product reviews

What is the best stop smoking product?

Recently, a lot of stop smoking products are available in the market. Some of them are over the shelve products and they are coming in different shapes like gums, patches, inhalers, pills or herbal medications. Also, there are several books and cds available. Actually you will find a lot of these products available if you searched the web.

Some people were successful in quitting smoking just by reading books that was enough for them to be motivated and cut off this dreadful habit. While others preferred to go for some programs on cds and it worked for them. May be these two kinds of people who tried the books and cds could finish their job just by going to cold turkey but it seemed that everybody needs help.

Medications are available to help in stop smoking but most of them have side effects that could be harmful. Also, herbal treatment is very effective. Lozenges and nasal sprays can be more efficient and fast as they are aiming to the areas that have thin lining. But, actually these products might become addictive on the long run.

The main problem that any smoker might experience is the physiological addiction. Most smokers love to hold the cigarette itself. The nicotine withdraws from the body within two weeks but still the smoker is craving to smoke. Also, some smokers get used to smoke after having a meal or with a certain drink. That’s why the smoker has to change his routine and avoid anything that might encourage him to smoke.

For those who love to hold a cigarette there is the electronic cigarette that will make them feel that they are smoking a real cigarette. Yoga and hypnotherapy are efficient as well, although they are not nicotine substitutes or stop smoking products.

Still, the main question is what is the best stop smoking product? Actually, the answer is your own mind. You are the only one who can be brave and strong enough to cut off this terrible habit.  

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