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Breathing exercises for quitting smoking

Our body is contaminated day in and day out through various sources like from the food we eat, the water we drink or even the air we breathe. Again there are various chemical reactions taking place inside our body which releases more toxins into the body system. Accumulation of such toxins within our body can harm it negatively to a large extent. What can then help us to treat this problem in a natural way? You can use breathing exercises to help you eliminate such impurity and even to control the urge of smoking as well.

Breathing exercises for quitting smoking

The Proper Way to Breathe:

Could you imagine that a proper exhaling routine while breathing could easily help you cleanse your body in no time? This simple breathing technique can be used to improve the amount of oxygen you draw into your body with each breathe you take. It is quite astonishing to know that hardly few of us know the correct way to breathe.

Though breathing is imperative to help feed your hungry cells and keep you alive, it is only with proper and relaxed breathing that you can improve your health. You need to perk up your health by practicing the correct method of breathing, preferably in the early morning times when the air is least polluted.

The Right Procedure of Breathing Exercise:

The correct way of breathing is quite simpler than what you imagine. All you need to do is relax your senses and soul in such a way that will prepare your body to release the toxins. For this you need to take it easy and sit down in a position that is the most comfortable for you. You can choose to either do this exercise with your eyes closed or open. However for most people, concentrating on their activity becomes better with closed eyes.

The first part of the exercise constitutes of controlling your breathing action. Deep breathing is the key to chucking out those unwanted things from your body. Take a long breathe in to feel the oxygen flow in through your body and fill your lungs till they are ready to burst. Now you need to hold your breathe for some seconds before you exhale out slowly and steadily. Imagining the oxygen reaching your cells and cleansing it before eventually flushing out all the impurities is one of the best way to help you improve your breathing exercise.

You need to repeat this exercise at least ten times in a relaxed and calm ambience. Never rush through the steps and take your own time. Pause for a second or two before you repeat. This exercise will help you feel lighter since your cells are now free of any contamination.

The second part of the exercise needs you to continue sitting with your eyes closed and closing your nostril with your index finger – one nose at a time. You can preferably start with the right nose and the right index finger. Inhale deeply from your left nostril and after holding your breath for some seconds, remove your finger from the right nostril and exhale through it.

This exercise needs to be done ten times, alternating between both nostrils. The complete exercise can be easily completed within a time period of ten minutes. You need to again make an image in your mind about the air circulation taking place inside your body. Though not true, you can still imagine how the oxygen flowing in has helped the toxins to be discharged from your body – in particular from your head and brain. The entire session will leave you feeling rejuvenated for a great day ahead!

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