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Chantix can help you to quit smoking

Does it really work?

Is there any side effect associated or reported with Chantix?

Should you go on with Chantix?

Cigarette smokers can find a number of medications to enhance their effort to quit smoking. Chantix is an excellent one that makes it easier for you to make it happen and it will block the effect that nicotine has made to your brain. However, you need a lot of patience and will power to succeed in your effort to get rid of this bad habit.

Chantix:side effects and benefits

Does it really work?

There have not been many studies about the efficiency of Chantix, but it is true that people were able to do a lot with the help of it. Those who have participated in some studies reported that they have reduced withdrawal symptoms and reduced pleasure from smoking. In addition to medication, the participants were also given weekly counseling sessions to keep them in tact.

Another popular option for many people is bupropion, but Chantix seems to have better effect. Recent researches have also suggested that Chantix is far better than nicotine patch and is one of the best that a person can use to get rid of smoking. However, it has not been compared with other nicotine replacement products like lozenge, nicotine nasal sprays or gums.

The results of these studies seem promising, but the fact is that the majority of the people, that is, about 77 percent, did not quit smoking. About half of the people were able to make it for the first 12 weeks, but the end result is not so encouraging. Remember that the people who are participating in these kinds of research programs will get quality counseling and it will also enhance their chances of getting out of it. So the number will not always tell the truth.

Is there any side effect associated or reported with Chantix?

The participants in the clinical trials have reported that they have experienced the following side effects while they were using Chantix.





5.Vivid, abnormal dreams


7.Changes in the way food tastes

While your body adjusts to the medication, the side effects will slowly withdraw. It will be better if you eat Chantix after you eat something and it is even better if you drink a full glass of water.

In an advisory issued in 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opined that the health care professionals, the persons who are taking Chantix, and their family should be alert about the change in mood of the user. Symptoms like tension, nervousness, anxiety, unusual behavior, and thinking about or attempting suicide could occur to the ones who are using Chantix. Though there are no direct evidences for these, if any of these symptoms arise, you should immediately consult your doctor.

The FDA also warned that the persons who are taking Chantix could find impaired ability to drive and they may find it difficult to operate heavy machinery. This is the reason that prompted the Federal Aviation Administration to add Chantix in the list of banned drugs for air-traffic controllers and pilots.

Chantix is not safe for woman who are pregnant or if they are breast feeding. You should not use Chantix even if you are planning to become pregnant. People with kidney problems and other such diseases should consult a doctor before using the medication.

If you have decided to use Chantix, keep in mind that it may alter the effects of certain medications and supplements that you are taking, especially for medicines for asthma and blood thinners.

Should you go on with Chantix?

Chantix is a very good medicine that will definitely help you to get rid of smoking. But at the same time, it is not a complete medicine and there are some problems associated with it. Medications like Chantix will only help you to get rid of it and they themselves are not the remedy. It is not that easy to quit smoking. A lot of effort from your part is needed to quit smoking and to stay abstained. Talk with your doctor before using Chantix and the medicine will be of great help if you are following the right path to get away from tobacco.(Read more about Best Reviewed Smoking Cessation Aid)

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