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Easy ways to stop smoking

If you are smoking for a long time and you decided to stop smoking it will be very difficult for you. In this case, smoking will be more than an addiction; it will be part of your own personality. For you, it will be a habit not only an addiction to nicotine and for others; this will be your image, always smoking. In order to get over this bad habit you have to be serious about it. You must have a strong will and desire to do it.

Before starting your plan to achieve your goal you have to consult your doctor about it. it is advisable for long term smokers to start gradually. Most smokers found it easier to minimize the number of cigarettes they smoke every week. But, you have to set a date for this. It will be a good idea to lessen the number of cigarettes to one fourth until the date that you set for yourself and then you stop smoking completely. Of course this schedule will differ from one person to another, so you are the only one who can put a plan and stick to it.

May be it will be better for you to use some stop smoking products like gum or patches. But, it is better to do it under the supervision of a physician. A lot of smokers have used these products and it was working for them. Although they are helping in quitting smoking habit but they will not prevent nicotine cravings.

Keep yourself fit and healthy by having a proper nutrition diet rich with fresh fruit juice and raw vegetables. This will enhance your metabolism and your blood circulation as well. All outdoor activities are highly recommended as they will boost your mood because may be you will be a bit depressed because of nicotine craving. 

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