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5 Effective Ways to Stop Smoking

If you are committed to stop smoking but having a hard time, here are 5 effective ways to do it. Keep in mind that the greater your efforts are to commit to these, the easier it will be for you to stop smoking.


First, take deep breaths. Think about it—what you really are inhaling when you smoke is fresh air but puffed through the cigarette before it reaches your lungs. Now when you feel the urge to smoke just take deep breaths to put more oxygen into your body. This way, you can eliminate your cravings by using the power of your breathing.


Next step is to remember why you want to stop smoking. List down all the things you know as to why smoking is bad for you, and why you shouldn’t like it at all. Keep it on a piece of paper if you can to constantly remind you that smoking makes your breath and clothes stink, it’s costly, or whatever reason you are quitting. You might also want to write down the benefits you will get if you stop smoking to remind you why you are making this great effort.


Imagine the consequences that you will suffer from if you do not stop smoking now. What do you think will be the effect of smoking to your body in a year or even in 5 year’s time? Do you really want to wait for these consequences to manifest?


Throw away any objects that remind you of smoking. You don’t really need those old lighters and ashtrays or tobacco cutters. Seeing those things might not help you reach your goal.


Do not hesitate to reward and congratulate yourself. Give yourself a treat every time you achieve a specific target like not smoking for a full week or month, or being able to finally throw away those lighters, or being able to say no to someone who offered a smoke.

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