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Is Electronic Cigarette Really Useful?

Ever wanted to quit smoking but you just can’t seem to give it up? And no matter how hard you try, you just seem to keep coming back for more? Many people have tried different aids to quit smoking such as herbal pills, nicotine chewing gums, and even nicotine patches. Even after trying out these products, there are some people who still long for the pleasure of actually puffing out smoke from cigarettes. So they feel that they need to go for just a stick without even knowing that they have consumed a whole pack, thus repeating the cycle all over again.

So many people question if there are still other alternatives out there that really work and are really not that expensive. Through lots of research, they came across the electronic cigarette. So what really is an electronic cigarette?

An electronic cigarette or an e-cigarette is a very effective way to quit smoking. It is shaped to look like a real cigarette, with its actual shape, size and color. It is usually powered with a lithium-ion battery and may produce vapor once it is smoked.

An e-cigarette’s cartridge or the mouthpiece is designed to look a lot like the filter of a conventional cigarette. This part encloses a material that is very much like cotton. This material is diluted with nicotine, propylene glycol and flavoring to get the same taste as an actual cigarette. So when you puff in on an e-cigarette, you will feel like you are actually smoking a cigarette minus the harmful smoke

Electronic cigarettes also do not contain tar. Tar is a harmful substance found in conventional cigarettes which is very harmful to the smoker’s lungs. This substance is also as dangerous to other people around who may breathe in the smoke. If you are a parent, think of how bad the cigarette smoke is for your baby.

If you keep up the use of e-cigarettes, you’ll get the same contentment as smoking a conventional cigarette. The next time you try out a real cigarette, you’ll be amazed of how it will be very strong for your liking. So if asked if electronic cigarettes are really useful, the answer is yes. Think about this. With e-cigarettes, you’ll not only be satisfying your lust for nicotine but you won’t have to worry of getting sick with deadly lung diseases as well. You’ll be able to smoke all you want but still live a healthy way of life. What more could you ask for?

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