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Stop smoking for your good

Kicking out smoking habit will do a lot to you. You will be able to breathe easier and your lungs will be functioning better. You will clearly see this while you are having a walk or going up the stairs. If you are young you will not notice this fact that easy, but by the passing of the time your lungs’ capacity are diminishing. If you decided to stop smoking at the age of thirty you will be adding about ten years to your life. 

Smokers are at a higher risk of developing many serious health problems. They are more exposed to lung cancer, heart diseases and more. It’s never late to quit smoking. If you take the right decision and stop smoking you will feel an improvement in your general health. Also, smoking is affecting your skin. Smoking helps in the appearance of wrinkles on your face at a very early age. While the skin of non smoker’s remains soft and healthy and it is not exposed to premature aging.

When you decide to stop smoking you will have white teeth instead of those stained ones and you will not lose them prematurely. Also, your sexual life will be enhanced. Men will have better erections and women will get aroused easier so they will have better orgasms and you will be more appealing to your significant other.

Non smoking women can easily get pregnant and their chances for a miscarriage are very low. In addition, smoking will harm the baby and it may lead to giving birth to an unhealthy baby. Giving up tobacco will boost your smell and taste sense. Besides, your immune system will be enhanced. So, your chances to catch a cold or so will be reduced. In addition, you will not be suffering from coughing any more.

The most important is that you will not harming your loved ones by second hand smoking, as they will be exposed to chest diseases. 

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