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I have to stop smoking

I don’t remember exactly when I started to smoke, but it was so many years ago. I started just for fun and ended with nicotine addiction. I tried to stop smoking many times and I was successful, but soon I go back again to my old awful habit. I remember when I was pregnant I stopped smoking for almost two years. But, after the delivery and breast feeding I went back to my cigarette. It seems that I enjoy the taste of smoke and holding the cigarette. It became part of my life and personality. I think many people cannot imagine me without the cigarette.

Actually, I’ve seen a lot of advertising for stop smoking products and I never wanted to try one of them. When my daughter asked me why I am still smoking, though I know how dangerous it is? I couldn’t find the right answer for her.

I started to think about the whole thing and how bad it is to me and my daughter. I’m giving her a very bad example and maybe I’ll harm her as a second hand smoke. She is my daughter, how can I harm her? I will never forgive myself if she has any health problems because of my cigarette.

On the other hand, I’m spending a lot of money to buy tobacco why not saving this money? I searched the web for some tips to stop smoking and after reading lots of articles and promotions about stop smoking products. I decided to accomplish my goal by myself. If I’m motivated enough and have the strong will power to do it I will succeed without any help. What else is more important than my health and my daughter’s? Of course, nothing is more important. So, I kept on telling myself I have to stop smoking. And I know I will succeed. 

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