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Health Problems If You Don’t Stop Smoking Now

Are you still up to smoking that pack of cigarettes? Having various health problems in the long run should be enough reason for you to stop smoking now. There are illnesses that are inevitable for people who smoke cigarettes or tobacco. These are the health problems you can get if you don’t stop smoking now.


It has been recorded that most people who suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease will have a mental decline that is faster if they smoke compared to those who do not smoke. Individuals who have any family history of this disease should stop smoking now because they will increase the risk of getting ill.


Smoking also causes the reduced blood flow in your arteries an eventually lead to cardiac arrest. The nicotine, on the other hand, increases blood pressure; which can damage the blood vessels and large arteries that lead to stroke. After a few days of not smoking, you will immediately notice that your blood pressure will normalize and avoid suffering from a stroke.


There also have been studies that link cigarette smoking to blindness. It says that people who smoke are more likely to become blind when they age compared to those who do not smoke.


The most popular consequence of cigarette smoking is lung cancer. Majority of people who suffer from lung cancer are smokers or have prolonged exposure to second hand smoke and may of them doesn’t survive the cancer. Other tumors and cancers are also possible to get because nicotine impairs the immune system. If this happens, cancerous tumors and other illnesses will just grow in your body.


Getting sick is a lot of pain and stress for you and your family. If you stop smoking now, you reduce the risk of getting these health problems or illnesses. It is never too late for you even if you have smoked cigarettes or tobacco for many years already.

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