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How to Stop Smoking

It is very easy to stop smoking as long as you follow the steps essential to achieving this goal. There are a lot of different ways to quit smoking and people have tried many of these to free themselves from their addiction. If you are looking for safe, free and effective ways, here are some guidelines on how to stop smoking.


Identifying the reasons why you wanted to quit in the first place will greatly help. When you know why you want to stop smoking, you will have a bigger motivation to stick to your plan. It can be that you don’t want to suffer the consequences of smoking in the future, or that you are tired of your clothes smelling like smoke, or you don’t want to experience breathlessness again. Whatever your reason is, keep it in mind as you try to win over your cravings.


Of course it’s also good to know the benefits that you will get to enjoy once you successfully stopped smoking. Why would quitting make you feel good? The reasons doesn’t have to be big ones, but it can as simple as your clothes will never have to stink, you will be healthier and minimize the risk of illness in the near future. That should be enough to make you feel good about saying no to a cigarette stick.


If you are the kind of person who takes breaks from work, avoid doing the same thing especially if you used to take these breaks to smoke. Have a cup of coffee, a glass or two of water or fruit shake instead. That way, you teach your body to get accustomed to something new instead of it wanting what it used to have all the time, while also flushing out the tar and nicotine from your system.

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