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Healthy Diet

Do you remember the say ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’? This is still quite true about your eating ways. There are three golden rules to remember when it comes to determining the right healthy diet for you:

nicotine withdrawal diet

? Eat a properly balanced diet and more of energy foods, because with body working out on nicotine withdrawal, it needs all the extra energy you can gather here. It is fine to go loose on your diet once in a while, yet make sure that you do not make it a daily ritual.

? Replenish your body with a boost of multivitamins. This will help you to not only battle out the symptoms but also beat the fatigue as well.

? Make sure that your refrigerator is stocked and over-flowing with lots and lots of clean fruits and vegetables. What this will do is that each time you have a hunger pang, you will have lots of good food at hand and you can then easily avoid the bad stuff. Fresh fruits, string cheese, low-fat yoghurt, fudgsicles, and low-fat pudding cups are great things to stuff away with!

10 Tips to cope with Nicotine withdrawal

deep breathing

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