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Once you have taken all the important steps to naturally help your body stop its smoking practices, you can help it with a small journal entry book as well. A ‘quit journal’ is something where you can jot down all important reasons as to why you need to stop smoking. Many have benefited from this powerful tool for self withdrawal. Fortifying your resolve to quite your smoking ways, the ‘quit journal’ is something that will help you to keep track of your own habits.

nicotine withdrawal journaling

To start off with, make a list of all the reasons that made you quit smoking. You should take care to include each and every point – no matter how large or small the reason may be. Once you have an idea about why you want to quit smoking, get a copy of that list so that you can refer to it each time you have that craving to have just one puff! Also carrying around the list will help you update any more reasons that you find for quitting your smoking ways. Try to incorporate as many pros as possible to support your decision and stick to it forever.

10 Tips to cope with Nicotine withdrawal

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