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Quit Smoking with the Nicotine Patch

Smoking can be a very revolting habit that may not just be affecting you, as a person but it also affects other people around you. A lot of people even suffer problems in their relationships because of smoking and of course you are also hurting other people with all the second hand smoke. But trying to quit smoking is much more complex than it may sound and you need all the help you can get. One of the aids to help smokers quit, include the use of nicotine patches. Recent studies have shown that the nicotine patch (also known as NRT) is very useful towards helping in cessation of smoking. Just like you need the right tools to build things and complete jobs, the nicotine patch works like a tool – to help you quit.

Nicotine patches come in a simple square shape much like a clear bandage. There are various doses of nicotine in different patches – one has to buy according to the amount of cigarettes you have been smoking. According to the dose of nicotine, the size of the nicotine patches changes and the more the nicotine one needs the bigger the patch will have to be. The way this patch works is to provide a steady but constant dose of nicotine to the person, so that there are no harmful withdrawal symptoms to deal with. Since the nicotine in the patch slowly reduces in strength, it makes the body get adapted to the lesser amounts of nicotine. This is the way to steadily wean off of the nicotine. For an average smoker, the 21 mg patch is recommended as starters. But it can be adjusted according to the person taking the dose. It is not a good idea to wear the patch while you sleep but otherwise you should wear it all day.

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