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10 Tips to Help You Successfully Manage Nicotine Withdrawal!

10 Tips to Control Smoking Cravings

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Quitting smoking without weight gain

Breathing exercises for quitting smoking

quit smoking plan

Most of the tobacco smokers know that they need to quit smoking, but they are not sure about the methods that they need to employ to make it happen. If you belong to this category, you may better start with a quit-smoking plan to enhance your chances of getting out of the danger. The creation of a quit-smoking plan will definitely help you to adjust with the physical and emotional issues like nicotine withdrawal that often come when you part with smoking.

Make the decision

You can find a lot of reasons to quit smoking; the health problems associated with smoking, the pressure from the loved ones, the social stigma, and many more. Whatever it may be, the only thing that could make a change is your decision. No one can make it happen but you yourself. Pick a day for quitting and then plan for[...]

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nicotine withdrawal

Cessation of your smoking habits might be not quite easy as you might have imagined. Yet, with plain and clear-cut steps, you can get rid of this habit forever. A little patience and lots of perseverance will help you get back into your normal life and live it to the full once again on your own terms – that too without the help of any addictives like nicotine!

What problems will you face with nicotine withdrawal?

It is not necessary that you have to face a problem after nicotine withdrawal. Yet, most of them complain about certain issues like insomnia, fatigue, coughing, sore throat, headache, lack of concentration, and even mood swings. For some others, the problems could be of another genre like tightness in the chest, constipation or stomach pain, sore tongue, depression, restlessness, and irritability[...]

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smoking cravings

Cravings or the urge to smoke becomes very strong to many of the tobacco users. You may experience the same and remember that although it is intense, it will be only for a short period, and it will pass even without smoking a cigarette. The most important thing is that every time you resist the temptation, you are a step closer to get rid of a bad habit. Here are ten ways that will definitely help you to resist the temptation quite easily.[...]

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smoking relapse

Cheers! Your interest in this topic means that you have already abstained from tobacco. Now you may feel great after getting rid of a dangerous habit. There could be some temptations and here are some techniques to avoid a smoking relapse.

Stay alert

The first part of quitting is probably the difficult one since you may have experienced strong urges to smoke. In course of time, it will fade away slowly, but even then you are not safe and you have to make constant vigil against situations that could lead to a smoking relapse. Once it happens, all your efforts will go awry. [...]

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Cigarette smokers can find a number of medications to enhance their effort to quit smoking. Chantix is an excellent one that makes it easier for you to make it happen and it will block the effect that nicotine has made to your brain. However, you need a lot of patience and will power to succeed in your effort to get rid of this bad habit.

Does it really work?

There have not been many studies about the efficiency of Chantix, but it is true that people were able to do a lot with the help of it. Those who have participated in some studies reported that they have reduced withdrawal symptoms and reduced pleasure from smoking. In addition to medication, the participants were also given weekly counseling sessions to keep them in tact[...]

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Quitting smoking without weight gain

It is a fact that those who quit smoking tend to gain weight. According to researchers, when people stop smoking they gain weight up to 10 pounds on the average. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

Reasons for weight gain when quitting smoking

While smoking your appetite is much reduced and so you are not able to eat more. That itself keeps your weight low while smoking. When you stop smoking your appetite is increased suddenly and you eat more as a result. That naturally helps increase your weight. Secondly, you have a tendency to put something in your mouth in place of cigarettes. The most probable things you put in your mouth are eatables[...]

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Breathing exercises for quitting smoking

Our body is contaminated day in and day out through various sources like from the food we eat, the water we drink or even the air we breathe. Again there are various chemical reactions taking place inside our body which releases more toxins into the body system. Accumulation of such toxins within our body can harm it negatively to a large extent. What can then help us to treat this problem in a natural way? You can use breathing exercises to help you eliminate such impurity and even to control the urge of smoking as well.

The Proper Way to Breathe:

Could you imagine that a proper exhaling routine while breathing could easily help you cleanse your body in no time? This simple breathing technique can be used to improve the amount of oxygen you draw into your body with each breathe you take. It is quite astonishing to know that hardly few of us know the correct way to breathe[...]

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