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How to create a quit-smoking plan?

Make the decision

Pick the day

Prepare for the quit day

How to handle the quit day?

Staying quit

Most of the tobacco smokers know that they need to quit smoking, but they are not sure about the methods that they need to employ to make it happen. If you belong to this category, you may better start with a quit-smoking plan to enhance your chances of getting out of the danger. The creation of a quit-smoking plan will definitely help you to adjust with the physical and emotional issues like nicotine withdrawal that often come when you part with smoking.

How to Make a Quit Smoking Plan

Make the decision

You can find a lot of reasons to quit smoking; the health problems associated with smoking, the pressure from the loved ones, the social stigma, and many more. Whatever it may be, the only thing that could make a change is your decision. No one can make it happen but you yourself. Pick a day for quitting and then plan for it.

Pick the day

You need to make the decision to quit smoking, and after that, pick a specific day from which you should stop smoking. Never put the day too far in the future, or you may find it hard to follow through. It will be better if you can pick a random day or pick a day that holds special meaning.

Prepare for the quit day

A lot of effort is required to quit smoking, but if you have the right planning, it will be quite easy to face the hurdles that would come your way. Here are some simple tips that will be of great help to prepare for your quit day:

1.Mark the day: Mark the day in the calendar in such a way that you will be able to notice it. Treat it as a special day since you are going to do something special for your health.

2.Consult with your health care provider:It will be a great idea to consult your health care provider about your plans. You may also ask about medications and counseling and about their effects. You may start the medication a week before your quit day if you are advised to use bupropion (Zyban) or varenicline (Chantix)(Read more about Chantix:side effects and benefits), so that there will be enough time to get the results.

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3.Talk to people about your plans: Make others know about your plans; your family and friends would love to hear it and they will provide a lot of moral support.

4.Clean your house: Let your house free from all tobacco products so that you will not smoke even if there is strong temptation. You should also clean your teeth as a motivation to stay quit.

5.Stock up: Keep things like hard candy, cinnamon sticks, crunchy vegetables, and sugarless gum that can substitute for the cigarettes that you have used.

6.Join up: There are quit-smoking support groups around; find them. Many clinics and hospitals offer groups or classes, and if you get more support, there will be greater chances for your success. is a site where you can find smoking cessation counselors who can be of great help to you.

7.Reflect: If you have failed to quit smoking before, take some time to think about the challenges that you faced and make a list so that you can cope with the problems successfully.

How to handle the quit day?

If you have strong tobacco cravings, it will be a very challenging affair to get through your quit day. Here are some tips that will help you:

1.Make it a perfect day and you should never use tobacco at any cost.

2.Keep your mind filled with the reasons for you to abstain.

3.Drink a lot of water and fruit juice.

4.Stay active.

5.Keep away from people and situations that trigger your instinct.

6.Attend a counseling session, stop-smoking class, or join a support group.

7.Find time to practice relaxation techniques and stress management.

8.Keep your hands busy by writing, squeezing a ball, or knitting.

9.Nicotine replacement therapy can be started if you prefer it.

Staying quit

You can easily plunge to the plans right now since you have the right quit smoking plan to guide you. If there are more resources, support groups, medications, and counseling, you will definitely succeed in your plan to quit smoking.(Read more about How to avoid a smoking relapse)

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