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Top Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

Various reasons should make you want to stop smoking. We all know that smoking is bad for the health and yet we still continue do smoke cigarettes anyway. Here are the top reasons why smoking is bad for your health and that you should stop smoking now.



The most common consequence of smoking is lung cancer. According to research, about 90% of lung cancer all over the world is caused by cigarette smoking or inhaling second hand smoke. That’s why you have to stop smoking now—most people who get lung cancer don’t survive from the condition. Even if you have already smoked for years, there is still hope because every year that you don’t smoke, the risk of you getting cancer goes down gradually. There are also other types of cancer that smokers can possibly get because smoking generally damages your immune system.


Heart Disease

When you smoke, the blood flow in the arteries is reduced; which can actually lead to heart attack and any other heart disease. Once you stop smoking, you will reduce the risk of getting heart disease. It is very expensive to try to cure heart problems and it can damage your family more than you can imagine.



This is the condition where your lungs get damaged and they become less elastic and make it difficult for you to exhale. Emphysema will cause you to experience shortness of breath and unfortunately, you cannot reverse it. This is an important reason why you should stop smoking because doing so will prevent the complication of the disease.


These should be enough reasons for you to commit to stop smoking or at least think twice before you light a cigarette. These consequences are more difficult to go through than to say no to another stick of tobacco. Stop smoking now and you do not have to suffer from these health problems ever.

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