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Try home remedies to stop smoking

If you are smoking for several years in a row and you are trying to quit smoking you might find the clue in the coming paragraphs. Probably you would like to break this awful habit very fast and simple without any side effects. Also, you will be pleased to know that there are certain ways that will help you to accomplish your mission without having to visit physicians or to spend fortunes for remedies.

It is believed that alkaline is minimizing nicotine craving. So, consuming food that is rich in base content will help you a lot. It will help in changing your taste as by the passing of the time your taste buds are accustomed to the taste of smoke and gradually this taste becomes the favorite.

If you consume boiled oats it will lessen nicotine cravings until it vanish completely. Indians used this way and it was completely effective for them, especially for cigarettes and opium. Also, radish is effective as well and this is used in china. If you add two tea spoons to grated radish it will have the same effect on nicotine addiction.

In addition, there are other kinds of food that will give you the same results like figs, raisins, spinach, almonds and beet greens. Salt can be used as well by licking it on the tip of your mouth.

The most important is the physiological addiction and this can be handled by chewing something like sugar cane stalks or so. It is advisable to hold something in your hand to get over the habit of holding a cigarette.

Sometimes, there are people who love to get support. So, if you like to kick out this habit together with your officemates there is a very easy way for you to follow. You may circulate essential oils through the air conditioning system like lemon, cypress and peppermint. 

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