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10 Tips to Control Smoking Cravings

Cravings or the urge to smoke becomes very strong to many of the tobacco users. You may experience the same and remember that although it is intense, it will be only for a short period, and it will pass even without smoking a cigarette. The most important thing is that every time you resist the temptation, you are a step closer to get rid of a bad habit. Here are ten ways that will definitely help you to resist the temptation quite easily.

Control Smoking Cravings

1. Delay: When it becomes very difficult for you to control, tell yourself that you can wait for another ten to fifteen minutes and after that do something that needs your attention. This simple method will easily enable you to derail the growing urge in you.

2. Get involved in some physical activity:If you can do some moderate physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day, it will do a lot of help to your body. It will also delay the craving inside you. Engaging in some games is another option so that you will forget about smoking for some time because you are involved in something that needs your constant attention. Sometimes, physical activities may not be very interesting to you. In that case, try something like prayer, involve in social activities like needle work or some chores that will distract you from smoking.

3. Avoid triggers: Think about the situations that trigger the urge and try to avoid them and make a plan to get rid of these situations. For instance, if you smoke while reading newspaper, keep a pen and paper nearby and write on it something so that your hands will not betray you.

4. Practice relaxation techniques: A combination of relaxation exercises and meditation is the best thing that you can do to enhance your ability to keep away from smoking. Yoga, deep breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, and hypnosis are some of the disciplines that can help you stay abstained.

5. Don't have just one:You may be tempted to smoke just one cigarette to stop a craving. But remember that you cannot stop the urge with a single cigarette. Usually, one leads to another, then another, and you will easily go back to the habit very quickly.

6. Call reinforcements:Keep in touch with a family member, friend, or any support group to get moral support for your effort. Share a few moments with them, chat with them on the phone or internet, walk together, or even get together to stay in touch to commiserate about your cravings.

7. Think of the benefits: When you feel that you cannot resist the temptation, say aloud or write down the reasons that prompted you to quit smoking. There are some people around you who love to see you quit smoking. Think about them when you get a craving. Also, think about a healthy body and healthy life when the cravings become irresistible.

8. Go online:There are many online stop-smoking programs and join one of them. There are blog posts in the internet that are filled with encouraging thoughts and there are testimonials of others and it will be of great help to you. While you are online, you can find first hand experiences of people who overcame smoking.

9. Try replacement: There are some stop-smoking products available now that you can use instead of a cigarette. Alternatively, you can also opt for nicotine replacement therapy, gums and lozenges, and/or medications like bupropion (Zyban) and varenicline (Chantix).

10. Chew on it: Let your mouth feel the presence of something hard like raw carrots, nuts, sunflower seeds, sugarless gums, or candy.

A combination of more than one or all of the abovementioned tips can definitely bring you the desired results. So awake from your pretentious sleep and take the first step!

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