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Easy Steps to Stop Smoking

Do you want to know how to stop smoking once and for all? If you are looking for methods and solutions to stop your addiction to cigarettes, then read on.


You must have heard of various stop smoking help such as nicotine replacement therapy or hypnosis but there are also natural ways to kill this habit. Whatever method you use, you must put your mind into the task of not smoking permanently.


First thing you can do to stop is to list down all your personal reasons as to why you want to quit. Leave out the specific health hazards; which we all know already, but keep the list as personal as you can. Examples include you don’t want your kids to inhale second hand smoke, or you don’t want your wife or girlfriend to complain about your clothes, hair and breath smelling of cigarettes, or you are tired of coughing all the time. By doing this, you will be reminded that you will stop smoking not only for yourself but also for your loved ones and the people around you.


The next step you can take is to get social support. This means you need to ask your friends, family, colleagues or even your doctor to help you stop smoking. It will be way easier for you to ditch this habit if you talk to other people about it and have them support and encourage you all the time. Try not to hang out with people who smoke at least at the beginning, until you know already that you can encourage them to quit instead of the other way around. You will need as much moral and social support at this time especially when your withdrawal symptoms attack.


Once you successfully stop smoking, you can easy say “I don’t smoke” to anyone who offers you a cigarette and feel really good about it.

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