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Trying to Quit Smoking? Get Motivated with these simple techniques!

Smoking can be difficult to quit for anyone and the one thing you will need in a huge supply is motivation. Before you quit trying to kick this bad habit, consider these tips below to get more inspiration.

The best way to motivate your self is to think of the deaths that are caused by smoking every year, all over the globe. Think about how your loved ones will feel – your spouse, parents, children and even friends. Then think about the fact that quitting at any age is good enough – you will have that much more to live. In fact some researches say that even if one quite by the age of fifty, they can increase their life by fifty percent! The lesser your age, the more time you can have.

People might not be afraid of deaths but they are afraid of pain – dying because of smoking related diseases is incredibly painful – do you really want to go through all that?

Immediate benefits of quitting smoking are numerous. You will be able to taste better, because nothing will be damaging your taste buds anymore and you will be having so much more energy that is depleted at the moment because of smoking. No smoking means that much more oxygen in the body and that much more health.

Freedom is another thing you need to visualize when you are trying to quit. Drugs and tobacco are both limiting – you cannot go into so many places, there is always this stress on your mind about having money for the cigarettes, about where to get them and finding time to smoke outdoors. Just imagine how free you will be from all this stress! That alone is fruitful enough!

The fifth thing to visualize and use for motivation is to think about how happy you will be making your family members. How happy they will be to see you healthy and how nicely it will impact their lives – you will be a great husband, amazing lover, a role model father and an exemplary son.

Motivation is part of the battle whenever you are trying on a new life style and smoking is no different. Try these self help tips to get your where you want to be. 

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