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Technology behind the Electronic Cigarette

There were so many techniques prior to the electronic cigarette that people tried in vain to try and quit smoking. But now it seems that this electronic cigarette is much more effective in helping a person quit smoking than the patch or the nicotine gum. The technology behind the electronic cigarette is simple – it carries a total of three components. The first is a power battery that provides electricity to operate the system. The second is the cartridge which is disposable and provides the liquid nicotine. The third part is the atomizer which converts the liquid nicotine into vapor form through heat.

There is a heating element inside the atomizer that helps turn the liquid nicotine into vapor and this is what the smoker inhales. The entire cigarette does not need to be replaced but the cartridge inside it can be replaced once the nicotine has finished. The idea is to rid the smoker of the other harmful things that they smoke because of the regular cigarette and only provide them with the nicotine vapor that their body needs. So there are no other toxic chemicals and by-products as there are in the normal cigarette. Then you can wean yourself off the cigarette and the nicotine in it in a better way and be healthier.

This is why all the experts are recommending this product to chain smokers because they think they need to at least stop hurting themselves with the harmful chemicals and smoke that they ingest. Not only is it easy to carry around but it is also allowed inside closed spaces since there is no smoke.

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