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Useful tips to stop smoking

Smoking is affecting our lives, it wouldn’t make any difference whether you are smoking or not. If you are not a smoker probably you will be a second hand smoke. In fact you have to be aware of some useful tips to help you in cutting out this bad habit or to help one of your relatives or friends to stop smoking.

The first thing you should know is that you have to make up your mind and decide that smoking is not suitable for you anymore. You have to keep on telling yourself this phrase “I will not smoke again” and then you have to reconsider your daily activities as smoking is affecting your daily routine.

Set a date for yourself and stick to it. Just feel that you are strong enough to beat this bad habit. A slight change to your daily activities will help in completing your mission because going out to certain places or with certain people is stimulating you to smoke. If you are used to go to a certain bar with some friends it’s better to avoid going to this bar with those friends as they will have a certain influence on you that will make you smoke again. This will be only for a while until you get used to your new life as a smoke free.

It’s better to do an outside exercise as fresh air will help you a lot. Reconsider your nutrition plan and start consuming lots of fresh veggies and fruits. Keeping these kinds of healthy food in your kitchen will assist you to replace junk food or snacks so you will not gain extra weight. In addition, some kinds of fruits like banana and apple are considered to be natural anti depressant and anti oxidants as one of the most common nicotine withdrawal symptoms is depression.

Perhaps these tips will help you if you are planning to stop smoking or to help someone that you care about. 

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