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Quitting smoking without weight gain

Reasons for weight gain when quitting smoking

Ways to stop smoking without weight gain

It is a fact that those who quit smoking tend to gain weight. According to researchers, when people stop smoking they gain weight up to 10 pounds on the average. There are several reasons for this phenomenon.

How to Quit Smoking without weight gain

Reasons for weight gain when quitting smoking

While smoking your appetite is much reduced and so you are not able to eat more. That itself keeps your weight low while smoking. When you stop smoking your appetite is increased suddenly and you eat more as a result. That naturally helps increase your weight. Secondly, you have a tendency to put something in your mouth in place of cigarettes. The most probable things you put in your mouth are eatables. That increases the quantity of food you consume. When you stop smoking your ability to smell and taste improves. That again increases your craving for food. Another reason is reduced metabolism when stop smoking. Smoking increases the metabolism rate and burns up a lot of excess fat. On the other hand, the reduced metabolism rate while quitting smoking increases the collection of fat in the body.

Ways to stop smoking without weight gain

1.Exercising is one way of preventing weight gain. When you stop smoking you have more energy to spare. You can walk, run and breathe faster. Make use of this new found energy to exercise thoroughly. It can burn up the extra fat in you and prevent the increase in weight. Exercise also burns up the excess nervous energy you get when you quit smoking. It has been found that the weight gain in people who exercise regularly is much lower than in those who do not, when they quit smoking.

2.Plan your diet and exercise ahead of quitting smoking. If dieting and exercise are started well before quitting smoking there will be less initial weight gain. When you plan to stop smoking, start the exercise and dieting then itself. If you feel like eating put something else in the mouth which cannot be swallowed. That keeps your mouth engaged and satisfies its craving for food. Sugar free candies and gum are other alternatives.

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3.Drink plenty of water. It improves your hydration and reduces the craving for smoking.

You can quit smoking and control weight gain at the same time. Only you have to put in an effort.

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