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Why do People Smoke?

Smoke addiction spread like an epidemic all across the world and the number of smokers have continuously increased in the last years. Now, there are several organizations who are trying to spread the awareness about the dangers of smoking.

Most people smoke due to the following reasons:

Some people started smoking during their teenage years. Most of the time, this is due to their activities which often result to peer pressure. They often try smoking to gain conformity with their group or to avoid being a cast away.     There are some teenagers who started smoking as a sign of growing up and because they are seeing their parents do it, so they are thinking that it is just normal. So smoking can also be an imitation of adult behavior.

Once a person started smoking, he may become addicted to it and quitting may come as a major problem. A flashy ad presented by a cigarette manufacturing company is not the reason people get attracted to it. Not even the taste of the cigarette. Most of the time, it is the psychological satisfaction that they are getting from it and this is what is stopping them from quitting the habit. Here are some of the most common psychological influences of smoking to people:

There are some people who have stated that smoking can give them the break they need from their work.

Some people say that smoking makes them feel care free and less burdened by their responsibilities in like, aside from relieving them of their anxious feelings.

Smoking can also be a result of oral fixation which usually may have started even from the time they were born.

There are people who smoke because they feel accompanied if they do have a cigarette in their hand.

With the statements given up, it is only clear that the battle is not against smoking or the cigarette, but against our minds which is the one who often make us believe that smoking is helpful to us, and that quitting is impossible. But you should remember that if you are stern and strong, you can definitely quit this habit.

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